How do I reset the DX3100 password to default 1981?


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Default password 1981 does not work and password has been changed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX3100


Password for DX3100 is not known and default does not work.


To clear the password to the DX3100:

  1. Unplug the unit
  2. Upon plugging it back in hold down the left and right arrow (left and right PTZ buttons) buttons simultaneously until the LED light on the unit flashes.
  3. Once the unit reboots, the password will be cleared

If it does not work attempt the procedure again until it does- being sure to hold down the arrow buttons simultaneously when the unit is plugged back in.

To save time, perform this procedure at the beginning of any hour rather than throughout the hour or close to the end of the hour.  This is due to the following:

After a normal reboot and power back on, the DX3100 takes about 30 seconds to scan through its files.  In instances of rebooting or forced power down (pulling the plug) SCAN may take longer.  In this instance the DX3100 is repairing the files that could not be closed properly due to power loss.  When a forced or system reboot occurs at the end of the hour, it will take longer to SCAN that particular file because it has more data than if it were to SCAN at the beginning of a time file when it is smaller.