How to Install Digital Sentry software version 4.1


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Configuring a SAVR Standalone video Recorder

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After Digital Sentry Clean O/S has taken place


Configuring a SAVR Standalone Video Recorder

Note: The Clean O/S reinstall has taken place. Complete an operating system reinstall.

Note: During restarts of the SERVER hardware, long pauses and black screen displays are common. This is part of installation of server class hardware and software.

Installation of the DMS/VAU Software:

NOTE: This installation takes longer than the VAU only install because you are also building a database in the form of the DMS.

  1. 1. Log into the Unit. The user name and password for SYSTEM log in is:
    User name: DSServiceUser
    Password: dsserviceuser

    This is very easy to misspell. This is the name and password used to login to the computer system. NOT the software. The login was created during the Clean OS process.
  2.  A pop up window may ask you several times if you want to install software for the MULTIMEDIA CONTROLLER. ANSWER NO TO THE QUESTION AT THIS TIME by CLICKING CANCEL. (This question may come up several times). You are going to load the drivers that are being requested automatically later in the process. 
  3. RENAME your computer. To do this:
    Right-click My Computer
    Click Properties
    Choose Computer Name Tab
    Click CHANGE button
    Type computer name in the Computer name: box. Record then type in new computer name (in this lab, choose a name).
  5. DO NOTrestart your computer at this time. We will complete several steps which require restart later.
  6. Change the IP address of your computer. To do this
    • Right click My Network Places and click Properties. Right click LOCAL AREA CONNECTION and Click Properties.
    • Scroll down to INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP) and Click on it to choose it then click Properties button.
    • Select Use the following IP address.
    • Enter the correct IP address and subnet mask. (This is given by the instructor) If needed enter the correct default gateway address and DNS server address (this will not be needed for our lab)
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK again
  7. Record your IP ADDRESS
  8. Insert the disk “DigitalSENTRY Server/VAU U Ver. 4.1” into the CD-ROM drive of the server.
  9. Run the setup.exe file on the CD-ROM. (To access the CD-Rom file Click MyComputer>select the CD-Rom Drive >Double click on Setup.exe (usually at the bottom of the fi1e.) The install shield begins running. (This disk is not auto-launching.
  10. Click NEXT
  11. Click YES to licensing agreement.
  12. Choose Stand Alone, Click NEXT.

    Important: Do not click CANCEL during this process.
    NOTE: This portion of the install is time consuming. Be patient.
  13. Click NEXT when asked to accept the DEFAULT password. (During this step you are accepting the password dsserviceuser for the login DSServiceUser.
  14. You will be prompted to enter a SQL server System Administrator password. This must be a complex password as described on the wizard screen. (This password is used to increase database security). Write your password down
  15. Click NO when prompted an SNMP Trap is created by default, would you like to create another one. Explanation; this is the health monitoring we have talked about. This is the stage in the installation process where you would add the addresses of the other stations if there are others to be monitored.
  16. Click Next.
  17. Answer YES to the following question “in order to use IP cameras a license is required. Do you have an IP camera license to enter?” Then click OK to auto enter the demo licenses.
  18. Choose YES I WANT TO RESTART my computer now. Click FINISH.
  19. After the RESTART, enter the correct user name and password for the DSServiceUser log in.
    Log in: DSServiceUser
    Password: dsserviceuser (no caps)
  20. If prompted “Rename Completed Successfully” choose Reboot Now
  21. Check your IP address and Computer name using Command prompt> IPCONFIG /all.
  22. Check SERVICES. (Double click on the services icon on the desktop screen, click on the grey bar labeled (LOG ON AS) to move the DS services to the top of your screen.
  24. Insert the disk ''DigitalSENTRY Client/ADM1N 4.1” into the CD-Rom drive.
  25. Run the setup.exe tile. >My Computer> CD-ROM Drive> set-up.exe
  26. Client Setup Install Wizard will run. Do not click CANCEL.
  27. Click NEXT.
  28. Click YES to accept license agreement.
  29. Click NEXT to confirm folder(s) for install (Remember: you do not have to install all folders on every machine, review suggested folders for installation in the DS Manual).
  30. Choose both Admin and Client programs. Click NEXT.
  31. Wait while Setup completes the install. Do NOT click CANCEL.
  32. Click FINISH.
  33. Double Click on DSAdmin icon on the desktop.
  34. Login to DSAdmin using the correct username and password.
  36. Click SAVE (This process recreates the DSSERVERS.ini file which you MUST have in order to continue w/ the installation).

    Configuration of VAU system
  37. Launch the DSAdmin application if not already done so.
  38. Right CLICK on AVAILABLE SYSTEMS. Click Add System.
  39. Type in System Name (for a SAVR, make this the SAME name as your computer name) and TCP/IP address of DMS (This should be the TCP/IP address of your computer.). Click AUTO CONNECT. CLICK SAVE
  40. Expand the named DMS entry on the TREE. Right CLICK on VAU. Click ADD VAU.
  41. Type in the name of VAU (this should also match the name of your computer).

    Type your IP address (This is the IP address of the computer or the loop back address of 127.0.0. 1) Do NOT change the Video SERVER port.
    NOTE: Caps spelling and correct IP addresses count!
  42. Expand the VAU entry and NOTE that your VAU is now listed.
  43. Minimize the DSAdmin Tree Window
  44. Double Click Services shortcut on desktop. Find the DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service. Click on VideoServerServices and click on START.

    NOTE: If your Video server service fails to start, it is most likely because the DMS and VAU names or IP addresses do not match your computer name or IP addresses. Check spelling, a common error. Check the actual computer name and/or IP address of the machine. Also, make sure you are logged in the DSAdmin application using the correct user name and password.

    Configuring Video Input Devices
  45. Return to DSAdmin> Available Systems> Your SAVRS name> VAUS> (your named VAU). Under device number 1, make sure the device match's encoder. Choose Active. Click SAVE.

    NOTE: Using DS 4.1 there are essentially 2 choices for video input devices:
    TX 400 card with or without XMUX \XMUXII-16 or 32
    MP2000/3000 cards
    Combinations of the different card types are not possible within a single chassis or SAVR box. However, a mixed card types are possible in the distributed system.
  46. Return to the services the desktop. Restart the VideoServerService.
  47. Return to DSAdmin>Available Systems> Your SAVRS name> VAUS> (your named VAU >video Input Devices> Double click named video input device). Choose the Video Inputs Tab. Click REFRESH if nothing is GREEN. Choose Disable ALL video ports with no Video. Click SAVE.
  48. Question: what will disable ports without video do? What does refresh do? Why would you use these?
  49. Proceed to view video and toggle between cameras.
  50. Make sure to start the DigitalSENTRY Storage Service, VSAN Watch Service and Watchdog Service.
  51. Notice that each of the DigitalSENTRY Service is set to start manually. In this configuration, if the system ever reboots for any reason, the DigitalSENTRY
    services WILL NOT start automatically when the system restarts. For this reason, you will also need to change the “startup Type” for each service to “Automatic” Follow these steps:

    From the Services applet in Windows, double click on the DigitalSENTRY VideoserverService. In the center of the window, you will see a drop down box titled “Startup Type”. Change this from Manual to Automatic and press the “Apply” button.

    Repeat steps for the DigitalSENTRY Storage Service, VSAN Watch Service and Watchdog Service.