DS ControlPoint running on the DSSRV becomes laggy the longer it runs.


When running CP for extended periods of time (at least 3 hours or over night) without user interaction, then a user attempts to use the application there can be a delay of several seconds or minutes before the program responds.  This can cause the program to freeze with "Not Responding" requiring the application to be closed using Task Manager.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint version 7.4.320


Software issue with DS ControlPoint versions 7.4 and below.


Resolved with Digital Sentry software release 7.5.456.  Install or upgrade to Digital Sentry software version 7.5.456 or above.


Information on where to download the Digital Sentry software, refer to article: Where can I download the latest version of Digital Sentry software.

Information on how to upgrade the Digital Sentry software, refer to article: How to upgrade the Digital Sentry Software Suite on Digital Sentry HVR(s) and NVR(s).