Zone alarms reappear in the DS ControlPoint Alarms tab after being cleared.


If a Zone Alarm is cleared within the alarms listed on the Alarms tab, they disappear from the list, then they come back up.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV 7.3.208 - 7.4.363
  • DS ControlPoint 7.3.208 - 7.4.363


Software issue causing events not be marked as acknowledged.


Resolved with Digital Sentry software release 7.5.456. Install or upgrade to Digital Sentry software version 7.5.456 or above.


Information on where to download the Digital Sentry software, refer to article:Where can I download the latest version of Digital Sentry software.

Information on how to upgrade the Digital Sentry software, refer to article:How to upgrade the Digital Sentry Software Suite on Digital Sentry HVR(s) and NVR(s).

Note: DS ControlPoint will acknowledge a maximum of 500 events per "Clear All", if there is a long history of events it can take awhile to get all events acknowledge.