PTZ Control may become unreliable with NET5400T versions to with certain equipment combinations.


Sarix Firmware versions to cause NET5400T Series Encoders to send continuous alarm and temperature polling commands out of the TX+/TX- Terminals for any/all RS422 -PTZ-Enabled channels. 

Depending on the additional RS422 Communication Equipment involved and the number of channels with PTZ Enabled, this can cause PTZ to become choppy or unresponsive, or completely non-functional. 

For instance; A site with a CM9760-DMR merging 4xNET5404T's to on RS422 communication path caused CM9760-DMR buffer overflows, causing slow/choppy PTZ and eventually total CM9760-DMR lockup requiring reboot.

Another site had a CM9760-DMR plus (further down the line) a Serial-to-Ethernet Conversion server, which itself became locked up and non-responsive within minutes of powerup when Connected Encoders were version to

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura NET5400T Series Encoders
  • CM9760-DMR
  • Other (third-party) RS422/Serial Communications Equipment


Unexpected behavior in NET5400 Encoder Series Firmware versions to
This has been resolved in versions and above.


To Resolve, perform one of the following -

  • Update Encoder to Firmware version or above.
  • Downgrade Encoder to Firmware to version 1.7.41.

note: If the same or other problem(s) are encountered after update or downgrade, utilize the Encoder Web User Interface Restore All Encoder Defaults option, which can clear out old or corrupt configuration files. Beware if utilizing a Static IP setup on a network with no DHCP Server present, as the camera will reset to Factory Defaults IP Address of