ENC5416 digital inputs will not trigger a Digital Sentry Zone if no analog cameras connected.


Using the digital inputs on a ENC5416 with no cameras connected to trigger a Zone on a DSSRV, the Zone does not trigger when the digital input is activated.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV 
  • Digital Sentry
  • ENC5416
    • Digital Inputs (Alarm Contact)


The ENC5416 requires at minimum 1 active video input (video sync) for the Digital Inputs to work properly with the Digital Sentry software. 


  1. Connect at least 1 analog camera to an input on the ENC5416
  2. Enable the video input in DS Admin.


For information on enabling or disable video inputs using DS Admin, refer to article: Enable or Disable an analog video input in the Digital Sentry software
For information on connecting alarms (digital inputs) to the ENC5416, refer to article: DSSRV Alarm Hookup and Configuration

Note: The ENC5416's monitor outputs can also be used for video sync, for information refer to article : How to use the ENC5416 digital inputs to trigger alarms for IP camera only DSSRV.