Identify Per Stream Packet Loss on the NSM5200


The resolution of this article has many complex steps that may result in unforeseen results if not performed correctly. If you are at all unfamiliar with the requirements, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


How to identify per stream packet loss on the NSM5200.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura NSM5200 All Versions


Need to verify packet loss on specific streams.


  1. Launch Endura Utilities, log in and press Search.
    note: The default login credentials for Endura Utilities version 2.2 and below is [Username: Administrator | Password: configapp]. Endura Utilities version 2.3 and greater removed that unique login credential requirement,
    authenticating instead against the standard Endura Credentials; The default login in that case is [Username: admin | Password: admin].
  2. Right click on any of the NSMs in the pool and choose SSH into [Username: root | Password: pel2899100]


  3. Type in nsterm and hit Enter
  4. This should bring up a Connection Selection screen (If this screen does not appear type in the word find and hit Enter)
  5. Type the number directly to the left of the desired nsd and press Enter. In this example, it was number 1.

  6. Type in if v and hit Enter. This will display the packet loss information for each stream recording to this NSM. (To view the total for the grouped streams from this NSM enter if)

  7. The output from the if v command does not display a uuid to help identify the stream. To identify the stream, the value of StId from the if v command must be cross-referenced with the value of the StatId in the next command.
  8. Type i and hit Enter

  9. Compare the StId from the if v output with the StatId from the i output

    Output from the if v command

    Output from the i command

  10. To determine which camera/encoder this stream is associated with, copy the uuid from the Session ID field.

  11. Minimize this putty window and go to Endura Utilities again.
  12. Paste the uuid in the filter window to determine which camera/encoder the stream is associated with.