DS ControlPoint fails to connect to DX8100 with an error stating Unknown DX8x00 error.


When DS ControlPoint tries to connect to a DX8100 HVR, the following error message comes up:

Error connecting to one or more of your systems.
Unknown DX8x00 error

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 - all versions
  • DS ControlPoint - all versions
  • Multiple client PCs connected to DX8100 server


DX8100 can host up to 5 client connections. When the 6th connection attempt is made via DS ControlPoint this error comes up.

Also, in some network environments where unexpected disconnections occur, the DX8100 may hold previous remote sessions opened, thereby causing multiple reconnections to consume all 5 server sessions.


In order to prevent the error message from coming up, make sure that no more than 5 client PCs are trying to connect to the DX8100 at the same time.

If it has been verified that less than 5 client connections are established, then the DX8100 server must be rebooted in order to reset all of its client sessions.