EHX4E, EHX6E and EHX8E Series Maintenance


Recommended scheduled maintenance.

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Pelco Cameras


Explosion Proof Housings

  • EHX4E                                                                                                                   
  • EHX6E
  • EHX8E


  • Recommended Maintenance
  • Field Repairs


! WARNING: Do not remove the front cover. If you do, Pelco cannot be held responsible for the loss of explosion proof rating, UL listing, or ability of enclosure to contain an explosion.

There are not any field repairs; Certified only if repaired at pelco.

Regularly scheduled maintenance will help to prolong the operational life and appearance of the equipment.

1. Periodically look inside the window of the enclosure and check the humidity indicator on the roof.

  • Lavender indicates normal at the desired level of humidity.
  • Pink indicates excessive dampness.
  • Blue indicates dryness. For example, if you want to maintain a humidity level of 20%, the 20% dot should be lavender.

2.  Clean the window regularly with a mild nonabrasive detergent in water to help maintain picture clarity. For a heavily soiled window, use a glass cleaner.

3.  Inspect the sealing fittings frequently for the condition of the sealant.

Service kit containing a rear O-ring and four rear plate mounting screws is included with the enclosure. Part numbers for O-ring Service Kit:

  • Click Here for viewing of Service Manual and repalcement parts.