Sarix Camera will not switch to Day / Night mode.


When lighting ambient changes occur video is black, distorted, or void of display.  Color or Monochrome video is missing. 

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


All Sarix based cameras - all Day / Night models.


Installation, Application, Service, and Repair.


The DAY / NIGHT switching function for Sarix camera could have a malfunction. Here are the steps for determining integrity:

  • Set the camera’s DAY / NIGHT MODE to MANUAL in browser; and select DAY then select NIGHT and see if the camera switches manually to color and BW video.

  • If this is successful than the problem is the camera’s software.
  • Reset the camera to factory defaults to resolve issue.



  • If this does not resolve the switching issue, replace the camera:
    Pelco will need the Serial Number of the camera  in order for the repair or replacement to process.


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