How to run and configure a preset tour configured on a Spectra HD/Pro/Enhanced and Sarix TI using DS ControlPoint.


Would like to configure/call/run the Preset Tour  on the Spectra HD PTZ IP camera or Sarix TI positioning system.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint 7.1.47 and above.
  • Digital Sentry
  • Spectra HD
    • D5118
    • S5220
    • S5230
  • Spectra Pro / Spectra Enhanced
    • P1220
    • D6230
  • Sarix TI Positioning System


The Spectra HD, Spectra Enhance and Sarix TI Positioning System does not support the standard "Pattern" but does support using Preset Tours, the Preset Tour needs to be configured a certain way to enable DS ControlPoint to call/activate.


Yes, follow the steps below.


The preset locations can be created using the Spectra HD's web interface or DS ControlPoint, to use the Spectra HD's web interface refer to the user manual (Page 42 Creating A Preset)  Spectra HD Series Installation/Operation manual


  1. Create the Preset locations using DS ControlPoint.
    1. Open DS ControlPoint (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS ControlPoint) and connect to the Digital Sentry system.
    2. On the Live tab, select the video pane which houses the Spectra HD.
    3. At the top of the Live window, click on the Joystick icon "PTZ Controls".
    4. Move the camera to the first Preset location desired using the arrow keys.
    5. Click the Set button next to the "Preset Name:" section, this will program the Preset location using the number listed..example: 1
    6. Follow steps 4 and 5 for each location but change the Preset number up by 1 each location...example: 2,3,4,5....etc.
    7. Verify the Preset locations have been saved by selecting the number and click the Call button, the camera should move to each location.

  2. Log into the Spectra HD's web interface and create the Preset Tour using the presets programmed with DS ControlPoint.
    1. In DS ControlPoint, right-click the Spectra HD in the camera tree under Systems and select Properties (requires DS ControlPoint version 7.3.208 or higher).
    2. In the Camera Properties window, click the Go to Camera Web Page button at the bottom of the window.
    3. Login using the admin account password (default = admin, admin).
    4. Click on the Settings link to enter setup.
    5. Place your mouse pointer over the Imaging tab.
    6. Select Preset Tour from the drop-down menu.
    7. Click the New Tour button.
    8. Type Endura 1 for the name in the Tour Name box (very important to name the Tour Endura 1, this is how DS ControlPoint can call the tour).
    9. Select a preset from the list at the bottom of the page and drag it to the "Tour workspace" section of the window.
    10. Set the dwell time for the preset. 
    11. Move the Transition Speed slider to set the transition speed faster or slower.
    12. Use the Transition Preview pane to review the tour.
    13. Select another preset from the list and drag it to the right or left of an existing preset in the "Tour Workspace". The mouse pointer needs to be right next to the outside of the existing preset box to be added just like it has been illustrated  below indicated by the red arrow..
    14. Continue adding presets to the tour.
    15. Click the Save button to save the settings. 

      Note: The default dwell settings are 5 minutes between presets, verify desired dwell delay when saving. Needs a minimum of 1 second in between the frames for the tour to go through the selected presets.

  3. Call the Spectra HD's Preset Tour using DS ControlPoint.
    1. Open DS ControlPoint and connect to the Digital Sentry system.
    2. On the Live tab, select the video pane which houses the Spectra HD. 
    3. At the top of the Live window, click on the Joystick icon "PTZ Controls".
    4. Under Pattern: select the number 1 and click the Call button.
    5. The Spectra HD should start it's Preset Tour.

    6. To stop the Preset Tour, interrupt the camera by moving it using the arrow keys.


Calling Pattern 1 in DS ControlPoint will activate a Preset Tour saved on a Spectra HD camera as long as the Preset Tour is named Endura 1.  This feature can work with other pattern numbers..i.e. Endura 2 = Pattern 2, Endura 3 = Pattern 3..etc. 

 Notes: It seems that editing Preset Tours can cause this function to stop working, if this happens delete the Preset Tour and create new.