Does DigitalSENTRY Reports log when a user exports video from DS ControlPoint?


Does DigitalSENTRY Reports track who has exported video from a DS Server.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint


Would like to know when a user has exports video.


DigitalSENTRY Reports will generate several types of log files i.e.(Camera Usage Report, Activity Report, Zone/VAU Report, Configuration Report and Snap Shot Report)

Activity Report will NOT log when a user has exported video, however the Activity Report will list:

  • Connected Users = Users connected when report is ran.
  • Client = DS ControlPoint client connections with login user name
  • Admin = DS Admin connections with login user name
  • Recorded Video = When a user has requested to view recorded video, includes the time range of the request.
  • Camera Changed = When a user has changed a camera configuration setting i.e.(schedule, name, resolution, Deleted)
  • Alarms = When Alarm Events occur.
  • Other = Global System and VAU changes i.e.(Storage Options, Network Storage, Analog Video Output configuration)