Steps to Upgrade the Enterprise Server


The proper process to upgrade StruxureWare Building Operation software. Also reference the 


For information on the SmartStruxure Upgrade path see Lessons Learned Article #12480.

For instruction on Upgrading Web Reports Server see Lessons Learned Article #12484.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


  • StruxureWare Building Operation


When upgrading the Enterprise Server, if certain steps are skipped it can cause the database to be corrupt or not allow the software to function properly.


Note: Make sure before starting the following upgrade that the Enterprise Server has at least 15 GB of free space. Upgrading an Enterprise Server with less than 15 GB of free space can result in loss of data.


Upgrade path for an Enterprise Server system:

  1. Perform a system backup of the servers. (See Lessons Learned Article #7313)
  2. Stop the Enterprise Server Windows service.
  3. Stop the License Server Windows service.
  4. Upgrade the License Server and License Administrator by running the executable.
  5. Upgrade the Workstation by running the executable.
  6. Upgrade the Device Administrator by running the executable.
  7. Upgrade the Automation Servers. (See Lessons Learned Article #11413)
  8. Stop the Reporting Agent Windows service.
  9. Upgrade the Enterprise Server by running the executable.
  10. Warm start the servers.
  11. Verify the TCP protocol and server communication. (See Lessons Learned Article #11135)
  12. Verify control and monitoring operations.
  13. Back up the servers.