Digital Sentry frequently logs Application message MSSQL$DS_MSSQLSERVER 17137 Starting up database 'FLLog'.


Note: It is perfectly normal to see this message after a system or SQL Server service restart, this is only an issue if the message is also seen when the system or SQL Server service is not restarted and the message is generally spamming the log file.

Event Viewer - Application log file has frequent/constant messages reporting:

Level: Information
Event ID: 17137
Details: Starting up database 'FLLog'.


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS NVs
  • Digital Sentry
    • All hardware platforms


The FLLog database is set to "auto-close = On", this causes SQL Server to close the FLLog database when not active, and then reopen the database with each new connection request. 
This can cause multiple entries per second in the event log. 


To resolve, the "auto-close" option needs to be turned off for the FLLog database.

  1. Open SSMS by navigating to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 > SQL Server Management Studio
  2. When prompted click Connect
  3. Verify you see folders under Object Explorer and can expand the Databases > DigitalSENTRY folders. (if not, may need to contact Technical Support to assist)
  4. Click the New Query button in the upper toolbar.
  5. In the blank SQLQuery1.sql query window that opened, type the following:

    alter database FLLog set auto_close off

  6. Click the ! Execute button in the query toolbar.
  7. When finished, close SSMS - SQL Server Management Studio. Save Changes