Unable to connect to a DX8100 WebDVR using Internet Explorer 8


Internet Explorer is not connecting to the DX8100.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 v2.0.00.2727
  • Internet Explorer 8


Microsoft Internet Explorer does not run the DX8000WebDVR ActiveX file because to the files being copied to the wrong directory during installation.


 In order for Microsoft Internet Explorer to connect to DX8100, a batch file can be run to delete the ActiveX files from the wrong directory.

Windows 32bit : webclientuninstall32bit
Windows 64bit : webclientuninstall64bitwin7

1. Use PC to connect to DX8100 via Internet Explorer
2. Go through the connection process and let it fail
3. Close Microsoft Internet Explorer
4. Extract and run the correct batch file for your current platform: 32bit or 64bit.
5. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer and reconnect to the DX8100.