How to check hardware status directly on most Endura Hardware.


Use this article to directly check the functional state of various hardware components (fans, power supplies, front panel LEDs, etc).

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura NVR5100 version 1.04
  • Endura DVR5300 version 1.04
  • Endura SEB5100 version 1.04
  • Endura SM5000 version 1.04
  • Endura SM5200 all versions
  • Endura VCD5000 versions unknown
  • Endura VCD5200 versions unknown
  • Endura NET530XT versions unknown
  • Endura NET530XT versions unknown
  • Endura NET5402R versions unknown
  • Is not applicable to Sarix-based Cameras/Encoders or NSM5200.


The normal NVR5100/DVR5300/SM5000 Diagnostics routines (including WS5000 or Endura Utilities Diagnostics, or direct examination of /var/log/messages or HAL service) may fail to reveal hardware failures, or may have mismatching or unclear results. 


  1. Open Endura Utilities and SSH into the NVR/DVR/SM in question.
  2. Enter cd /root/QA and press return.
  3. To quickly read diagnostic states, enter ./newpanel ? and press return.
    note: (enter r and press return after version number is displayed).
    note: For VCD and Decoders, the command is ./vcd_panel.
    Example results:
    panel v0.05
    (R)ead values, (S)et lights, test (W)atchdog, set watchdog (T)imer, (F)orce response, or (Q)uit?: r
    Press T to terminate
    Reset key is off
    Fan alarm 1 is off
    Response is off
    Configuration mode is off
    Reboot is off Default configuration is off
    Watchdog is off
    Voltage is off
    Supply is off
    Internal temperature: 0.0
    Board temperature: 0.0
    +5: 0.0
    +12: 0.0  
  4. To execute a real-time check of all components, enter ./ and press enter/return.
    note: This command does not appear to function on SEB5100.
    note: Different device models will show varying output.
    Example results: