DS ControlPoint OSD overlay titles (Camera Name, Frame Date, Frame Time) are blinking/flashing on and off randomly.


DS ControlPoint OSD (On Screen Display) overlay titles are displaying on and off randomly.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS NVs
  • DS ControlPoint


  • Graphics card on the system running DS ControlPoint or DS Admin does not meet minimum specification.
  • The software driver for the graphics card being used is out of date.



  1. Verify the system running the DS ControlPoint or DS Admin client software meets minimum specifications for DS ControlPoint.
  2. Locate the manufacture and model number of your graphics card
    1. Start > Run or Search Bar > type in dxdiag and press [ENTER]
    2. If asked to check for certified drivers, select NO.
    3. In the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool", click on the Display tab.
    4. Take note of the information listed under Device
    5. Go to the manufactures website and download/install the latest driver update for the graphics card installed on the system.

  3. If the above 2 options does not resolve, use this workaround (Warning: can increase CPU usage on the system):
    1. Open the DS ControlPoint software.
    2. Click on the Setup icon on the left side (three monitors)
    3. If not selected, click on the Setup tab
    4. Click the Application Settings button.
    5. In the "Application Settings" window, check to enable the option Force GDI rendering.
    6. Click back on the Live tab and verify the titles are no longer disappearing.