Updating from 2.1.x to 2.3.1.x

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200 Version 2.1.x to 2.3.1.x


Upgrade Information


NEW STORAGE Specifications

The reserved buffer size for NSM5200 arrays to improve system reliability and up-time under heavy load scenarios. The additional storage space reserved for the buffer impacts retention times. Please consult with your Pelco Sales Representative before updating to ensure that your video retention needs continue to be met.

Version 2.3.1 effective storage values are as follows:

  • NSM5200-03 (OBS model)      2.21 TB
  • NSM5200-06                               4.49 TB
  • NSM5200-09 (OBS model)      6.77 TB
  • NSM5200-12                              9.05 TB
  • NSM5200-24                            17.75 TB
  • NSM5200-36                             26.66 TB
  • NSM5200-48                             35.50 TB

source: NSM5200 Specification Sheet.

MOTION Specifications

NSM5200 version 2.3.1 offers support for a rate of 180 motion events per hour per NSD service. Customers that have configurations requiring motion events recording should be aware of the following:

  • Number of cameras configured to record on NSM5200 (NSM5200 supports a maximum 200 channels or 250Mbps)
  • The number of motion alarms/camera/min (30 seconds + pre-alarm + post-alarm)
  • A motion event from a Sarix camera or NET540xT encoder defaults to a 30-second active duration in addition to the pre-configured pre and post-alarm recording durations.  To determine how to configure the NSM5200 to accommodate motion recording scenarios, calculate the number of times a day a given camera would detect a new motion event and multiply by the number of cameras and alarm duration configured for each camera to ensure that the maximum rate is not exceeded.  If the maximum is reached, limit the number of cameras on each NSM, as exceeding the rate of 180 motion event per hour can cause system instability. 
  • Formula for event calculations can be written as Number of cameras * # events per minute * 60 * number of hours schedule is active  / 24 
  • If number of events exceeds, events per NSD consider changing configuration to single NSM pools with failover monitoring.

For users upgrading from version 2.1.x, please review motion events configuration before upgrading to version 2.3.1.