How do I set Termination on the CM6700-MXB Series Matrix Switcher?


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The CM6700 Series places it's termination jumpers directly on the internal motherboard in relation to each BNC channel.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM6700-MXB - all models and versions.


  • Installation, and Maintenance.
  • No coaxitron ptz control of Spectras or Esprits.


When cabling video to the CM6700, termination must be set to Loop out Hi-z or 75 Ohm based upon the application.  The termination jumpers are located inside the chassis of the matrix.

Set jumpers according to your system requirements.

  • If you are connecting only a camera to an input, leave the jumper in the terminating position.
  • If you are looping the video to another device, move the jumper to the looped position, and terminate at the equipment connected to the looping output.

JP1-JP16 are used to terminate the video input with a 75-ohm resistor or to unterminate the video (looping Hi-z).

  • The factory default has the jumper installed in the terminating position.