Digital Sentry Archive Utility version and operating system compatibility.


Does Archive Utility version 7.4.320 support Digital Sentry 7.4.363?

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Digital Sentry compatibility with Archive Utility.


Archive Utility v6.2.1.160

  • Supports Digital Sentry v4.2.0.2

Archive Utility v6.8.2.61

  • Supports Digital Sentry v4.2.0.2

Archive Utility v7.0.41

  • Supports Digital Sentry v4.2.0.2 - v7.1.90

Archive Utility v7.1.47

  • Supports Digital Sentry v4.2.0.2 thru v7.1.90

Archive Utility v7.2.30 - v7.5.609

  • Supports Digital Sentry v7.2.30 thru current release


Archive Utility installation operating system compatibility:

  • Archive Utility v6.2.1.160 - v7.2.30 supports Windows XP 32 bit only.
  • Archive Utility v7.4.320, v7.5.609 and greater supports Windows 7 32/64 bit and Windows XP.

Information and documentation on the DS Archive Utility, refer to the (scroll down to the downloads) DS Archive Utility Product Page