Sarix video stream Settings and Adjustments


Is it possible to configure Sarix "Video Preset" streams?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Camera series


  • Video Preset page does not allow configuring of streams.
  • Primary Stream is limited to selecting resolution options.


Video Presets

The Video Preset page includes three fully-configured video presets, which include primary and secondary video stream settings for easy setup. These presets may also be used as a starting point for a custom video configuration. These preset configurations vary depending on camera model.

Video Configuration

The Video Configuration page allows you to customize the compression, resolution, image rate, and bit rate of the video streams.


  • Although the Primary and Secondary streams can be configured independently, the settings of one stream can limit the options available to the other stream, depending on the processing power used.
  • Clear out the Secondary stream and Save settings if the secondary stream is not being applied. This will release resources for further option selection of Primary stream.