A VCD5202 or NET5402R-HD does not appear in Endura Utilities


A VCD5202 video-console display or NET5402R-HD network-video decoder is not in the list of devices in Endura Utilities. The keys for any KBD5000 Endura keyboards attached to the VCD5202 do not light up normally.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VCD5202 Video Console Display, all versions
NET5402R-HD Network Video Decoder, all versions


A monitor is not connected to the device.


Connect a monitor to the DVI output or use the DVI to VGA adapters supplied with the VCD5202 and NET5402R-HD decoder.  The device will not be recognized on the Endura network without a monitor.  Further, any KBD5000s attached to the VCD5202 will fail to function normally.