How to create a multiview in DS ControlPoint and undock it to be used on another monitor.


How to create video layouts in DS ControlPoint and display on multiple monitors.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint


No documentation on how to create multiple views for more than one monitor.


  1. Create a multiview.
    1. On the live page click the layout icon  at the top of the screen and select the configuration desired.
    2. Select the Systems section of the navigation pane.
    3. Right-click on a system to expand the tree until you see the appropriate camera.
    4. Drag and drop the camera or device name into any of the video panes.
    5. Repeat these steps until video from all the desired cameras and devices is displayed in the video panes.
  2. Clicked on the Undock Tab icon  at the top left of the multiview screen

    Note: You can also click the Full Screen icon  next to the Undock Tab icon and you will be prompted to select which monitor to display the layout.
  3. Drag undocked view over to second monitor.
  4. Create new multiview following previous 5 steps above.