Spectra HD connected to PoE+ switch works but doesn't show up on switch's PoE overview


On a very specific switch ( HP Procurve 3500yl-24G), the Spectra HD 720p doesn't show up when checking the PoE usage overview of the switch.

The port shows as "searching" and the power class is set to '0' which is working well for the Spectra HD as it is actually the correct power class for the device & also the least restrictive of all the power classes available.

The camera seems to be working well.

Some screenshots of the switch's output when this issue occurs:

The detection status of the port to which the spectra HD is connected is "searching" which means the port is available to support a Power Device PD connection. This entails the switch doesn't even detect that there is a power device connected to that port. Furthermore, checking the power management of that port results in this output:

The result shows no power is allotted to the device, even though the device is currently online and working.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Transmission & Power


Spectra HD 720p camera connected to an HP Procurve 3500yl-24G PoE+ switch in an Endura 2.x system.


We have attached the same type of camera to different switches, but can't reproduce this issue on other switches leading us to believe this is a switch-related issue.

It is unclear at this point if the switch not detecting the camera correctly causes any further issues in the long run.

Possibly the switch may try and allocate too much power as it doesn't detect the connected devices correctly.


Currently there's no solution available and the issue seems to be specific to a certain switch type.

If this issue occurs on other switches as well or causes issues like over-capacity on the switch, contact both the switch's manufacturer and Pelco Tech Support for further assistance.