Not all recording schedules are showing up in the Workstation


When checking the recording schedules of NSM5200s in the workstation software, not all of the programmed schedules show in the list.

When a new recording schedule is created, the newly created schedule is saved, but when we reload the schedule, it has disappeared from the list.
Checked the NSM itself and all these schedules are saved to the NSM; they simply do not show in the list on the workstation.
When analysing the log files & schedule files it's found that each camera has a number of extra schedules, some of which are even in other pools.
One of the symptoms of the issue is that VMD (Video Motion Detection) recording cameras are suddenly also recording continuous which causes the recording time on the pools to go down, which is when the customer detected the issue.

Checking the schedules, there are VMD cameras which are also recording in the continuous recording schedules, which causes this issue.
The user never made these changes themselves.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • WS5200 2.5.3-10245
  • NSM5200 02.01.0005


It was determined that the cause of the issue was that for some reason old schedules were not removed form the NSM5200 when a new schedule was created in the Workstation.

Another cause was that when there were offline cameras present in the new schedule, this caused duplicates of the schedules in the NSM5200.


The issue was addressed in NSM5200 v2.3.1. Upgrading the NSM5200s to v2.3.1 will fix this issue.

Please read the v2.3.1 Release Notes very carefully when using this version as a fix for this issue! - Restrictions to the event recording may cause problems when updating.