RK5000PS-3U Front and Back identification


  • What is the rear relay connector for?
  • LED status indicators.

Product Line

Pelco Transmission & Power




Operational and Indication Status of RK5000PS-3U

  • Loss of video indication
  • Loss of optical signal
  • Power supply condition



  • (4) Alarm from Module LED: The alarm LED turns red when there is an alarm condition, such as the loss of the optical signal or the video signal.
  • (5) The power fail LED turns red when there is a problem with the power supply that can cause it to fail. If one of the power supplies fails, the blue Pelco badge will turn off.


  • (2) External Connector for Redundant rack power supply EPS5000-120 (supplied with over-molded cable).
  • (3) Relay Output Connector with Screw Terminal. The relay output connector on the back of the RK5000PS-3U is tied to the alarm LED. The relay will open or close, depending on whether it is set for normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.).

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