Do the MPT9000CZ or MPT9000PZ or KBD9000 controllers provide menu access of Spectra cameras.


Can I get into the Menu of the Spectra IV with the MPT9000CZ or MPT9000PZ or KBD9000?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra All models
  • MPT9000CZ, MPT9000PZ
  • KBD9000
  • COAXITRON 2000


The MPT9000CZ, MPT9000PZ and KBD9000 do not feature the operational functions to prompt the Spectra Series menu.

  • Preset Programming
  • 32 Bit Coaxitron


Spectra Menu access requires a controller that will let you set the preset. Controller must also transmit 32 bit Coaxitron.

A few options for controllers are: KBD300A with KBDKIT and the CM9760-CXTA. Or, the CM6700-MXB with the KBD300A.

Click on the following article to view instructions of menu access: LL#11203