Flashing/Jumping video on DSSRV using Vivotek cameras.


The DS Software has problems with multiple VIVOTEK cameras on the network at the same time. To fix this, RTSP tunneling needs to be enabled for all cameras.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Vivotek IP8371E v0100J
  • Vivotek IP8362
  • Vivotek FD8131
  • Vivotek FD8133 v0109a
  • Vivotek FD8134 v0109a
  • Vivotek FD8161 v0105b
  • Vivotek FE8171 v0100h
  • DSSRV 7.4.320 and later


The compatibility with vivotek using DigitalSENTRY is causing a jumping picture and flickering affect on all cameras.


Enabling RTSP Tunneling in DS Admin fixes this issue. 

1.) Open DS Admin

2.) Click on Camera

3.) Click Edit IP Camera Settings.

4.) Check box for RTSP Tunneling

5.) Repeat this for all VIVOTEK camera.