How to enable the internal serial ports (COM) on the Digital Sentry DSSRV.


COM1 or 2 is not detected in Device Manager.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Serial Port COM 1 - 2


The internal COM ports are disabled and capped by default.



  1. Reboot the system by going to START > Shutdown > Restart
  2. When the PELCO by Schneider-Electric screen is displayed, start pressing the DELETE key around once a second until the BIOS loads.

  3. Use the Arrow keys and select Advanced. Then arrow down and select NCT6776F Super IO Configuration and press ENTER

  4. Select the Serial Port (Serial Port 1 or 2) you would like to enable and press ENTER

  5. Enable the port and then press the F4 key, when prompted select Yes and ENTER.


Note: There are caps covering the physical serial ports on the DSSRV which will need to be removed before use.  

COM Port location on the DSSRV: