How to create a sequencing camera macro using Pelco System Manager for the CM9700 Matrix.


Would like multiple cameras to scroll on a single monitor.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


Pelco System Manager version 9.03.032

CM9700-CC1 version 9.03.0xx


There is a need to view multiple cameras on a single monitor.


1. Log into Pelco System Manager, the default User Name and Password is Admin/Admin

2. Select the Macros Tab

3. Select New Macro

4. Select edit steps

5. From the list of commands select SWT and insert the step. The first parameter is the monitor you choose to run the sequence on. The second parameter is your first camera in the sequence.


6. Next find the DWL command and insert it. The first parameter is the amount of time between camera switches or the dwell, this is entered in seconds.


7. Repeat these steps until all cameras in this sequence have been included. The final command to insert will be LOP which starts the sequence back from step 1 or the beginning.

8. Select Close to save your macro, these steps can be repeated as needed to create additional macros.

Note: There are 2000 macros available for numerous tasks.