How to arm an alarm or range of alarms when using a CM9700 Matrix System.


Alarms have been programmed but will not trigger.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


CM9700 Matrix System version 9.03.0xx

Pelco System Manager version 9.03.0xx


For an alarm to activate it must first be armed.


Log into Pelco System Manager, default is User: Admin Password: Admin


In the upper left of the screen select Macros


Next select new Macro


Now select Edit Steps which will open the Macro Editor and the Command List. In the Command List expand the

Alarm menu tree, select and insert the ARM command once for each individual alarm to be armed. The ARM command

is used when particular alarms are to be armed which are not in sequential order. In this example 1,4,7,12 and 15.

When arming a sequential range of alarms, from the command list select and insert the ARR command. This allows

A range of alarms to be armed with one command. The first parameter is the alarm to start the range from, parameter

Two represents how many alarms (start at 1 and include the next 50 or start at 60 and include the next 4).

NOTE: For large amounts of alarms to arm, it is recommended to use groups of 50 (ARR 1_50, ARR 51_50, ARR 101_50)

Now that the macro is complete it can be assigned to a keyboard to automatically run when the logon PIN number is

entered for the keyboard. This will arm the alarms when the operator logs in.

NOTE: Alarms will not execute if not armed.