ALM-1 provides Sarix platform cameras Alarm Actions.


What does the ALM-1 enable the Sarix series cameras to do?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Platform Cameras
  • ALM-1



Features provided by adding the ALM-1 to Sarix


The ALM-1 provides the following HANDLERS to occur when added to Sarix Cameras.

For fixed Sarix, the ALM-1 provides the following HANDLERS:

  • Send Email: Sends an email to a defined email address when an event is activated. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server must be configured to accept the camera's IP address.
  • Upload JPEG to FTP Server: Saves a JPEG of the activated event to a defined FTP server.
  • Open/Close Relay: Sends a signal to an external device, such as a door contact or motion detector. The Pelco Alarm accessory must be connected to the device's accessory port for Open/Close Relay to work.

For PTZ Sarix platform cameras such as Spectra HD:

  • Supports the three HANDLERS for fixed Sarix (Send Email, Upload JPEG to FTP Server, Open/Close Relay)
  • GOTO Preset: Moves the Spectra HD to a user-defined preset.
  • RUN A TOUR: Starts a user-defined preset tour.