How to verify that the Pelco Mobile app is working properly.


  • Pelco Mobile fails to connect to a Pelco VMS.
  • Not knowing what to expect, or, how to configure Pelco Mobile app properly.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco Mobile App version or newer
  • WebServer Service or newer
  • DS NVs version 7.3.54 or newer
  • DSSRV with version 7.3.54 or newer loaded onto it
  • Any Sarix platform based IP camera with version or newer firmware
  • VideoXpert
    • VideoXpert Enterprise (VxE)
    • VideoXpert Professional (VxPro)


Incorrect configuration of Pelco Mobile and Pelco Mobile is not connecting to a System.


Verify the following for Pelco Mobile to work properly:

  1. Insufficient wireless bandwidth or 3G Network signal strength. Verify bars and wireless strengths via their strength level indicators usually at the top of the device's interface. 4G Network currently have NOT been fully tested and verified to work with any version of Pelco Mobile.
  2. Not using the correct Username and/or Password (case sensitive and MUST match between Pelco Mobile and the Pelco video recorder / VMS)
  3. Not using the correct DVR's TCP/IP address or Host Name.
  4. Port 443 is not open across the Network
    NOTE: Use CMD to ping the DVR's IP address and test connection to the PORT(s).
  5. Port forwarding is not correctly setup
  6. The Pelco video system (VMS) head end does NOT have complete access to the on-site wireless Network (could be due to #3 and/or #4)
  7. DNS is OFF or not correctly configured for what is being done (IP address versus System Name)
  8. Mobile Device’s software/firmware revision is NOT correct (there is A LOT behind this and must be verified with the Vendor that the device was purchased through)
    • iPhones/iPads:
      1. IF the devices were updated from version iOS 5.0 to the initial release of version iOS 6.0, and did NOT load the latest release of version 6.0, then this will stop Pelco Mobile from working and you will likely have to uninstall and then re-install Pelco Mobile altogether
      2. Pelco only supports from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 5; iPad 2 only (technically) but, the iPad 1 has been known to work fine
      3. The iPad Mini has been tested and verified to work with the 1.2.908 version.
    • Android devices:
      1. Pelco does NOT support the Amazon “market”, non-Google Play, Android devices (this is due to contractual agreements between Amazon and Google) – SO, if the devices have to go to Amazon to get their Apps or updates, then they are NOT supported
      2. Pelco does NOT support any Android version older than Honeycomb (3.1) and has NOT tested anything newer than Jelly Bean (version 4.2) [as of this entry into the Lessons Learned Articles]
      3. Some Android mobile Devices simply do not "like" Pelco Mobile as the devices themselves are either too new (hardware wise) or there is some firmware blockage happening; Pelco will be unable to support in these instances (in part with item #8 above)
  9. Sometimes, Pelco Mobile “forgets” who it is and why it is to connect, and you may have to delete/uninstall the Pelco Mobile from the Mobile Device and then reload it to get it to work again
  10. Along with #9, you may have to delete the System from within Pelco Mobile, then, re-add the System back. Sometimes network failures can cause Pelco Mobile to no longer connect and you have to get rid of the System(s) from Pelco Mobile altogether if the Wireless/3G connection ceases to function (this is a caching related issue)
  11. SSL Encryption is NOT checked (The SSL Cert MUST be checked at all times when connecting)


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