Is there PTZ control in Pelco Mobile when connecting directly to an IP PTZ camera without DS system?


No PTZ function from Pelco Mobile when connected directly to an IP based PTZ camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Spectra IV IP - all versions
  • Spectra IV IP H.264 - all versions
  • Spectra IV IP HiDef 720P - all versions
  • Spectra IV IP HiDef 1080P - all versions
  • Sarix TI IP - all versions
  • Spectra Mini IP - all versions
  • NET55xx series
  • Pelco Mobile App version and newer
  • iPhone and/or Google Play (only) Android devices


When trying to connect to an IP camera, without a DigitalSentry system in between, the PTZ function stops working.


Currently there is no supported PTZ functionality of any IP based PTZ camera when directly connecting from Pelco Mobile App version 1.2 or newer. This is without the use of a DS NVs machine or a DSSRV in between the Pelco Mobile and the IP PTZ camera.

There are no current plans on making Pelco Mobile have PTZ functionality when directly connected to an IP based PTZ camera.