How to convert a Spectra Mini In-Ceiling to a Wall mounted, or, Surface mount camera.


Is it possible to convert a Spectra Mini In-Ceiling mounted camera to a wall mounted camera, or, surface mounted camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • DD4
  • DD4-B
  • SD4-W0, SD4-W1
  • SD4-B0, SD4-B1
  • SWM4-W, SWM4-B
  • SPM4-W, SPM4-B


Relocating previously installed Spectra Mini from In-ceiling to a Surface or Wall mount application.


In-Ceiling mounted Spectra Mini's are exactly the same as the Pendant/Wall mounted Spectra Minis and Surface mounted Spectra Mini's except for the adaptors used. To make a Spectra Mini In-Ceiling mounted camera into either a Wall/Pendant mounted camera, or, a Surface mounted camera, take the following into account:

Surface Mount conversion - purchase the Surface Mount Ring:

  • MF54-4650-011B white
  • MF55-4650-011B Black

Put this Ring on the back-side of the DD4 in accordance with the steps outlined on Page #17 of the Install Manual here: Spectra Mini Dome Installation Manual C3401M-D

Pendant/Wall Mount conversion - purchase the SWM4-W (white) or the SWM4-B (black) wall armature (IF there will be a wall mounted application) AND the SPM4-B (black) or the SPM4-W (white) Pendant Adaptor. The Install manual for the Pendant/Wall option is available here: SPM4-W Pendant Mount Installation

Note: The DD4 portion of the Spectra Mini is Universal to the Spectra Mini mount options, it is merely the mounted part option that is to be taken into account when changing from one mount option to another.
Spectra MINI doesn't required Surface Mount Ring (SD5-P) as Spectra III/IV