Using different hard drive brands within a single array


Over the years, different HDDs are being delivered as replacement drives for various systems. Is it save to mix and match those drives in Pelco products; mainly RAID arrays?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


All Pelco servers with RAID arrays (mainly Endura devices)


Due to the varying brands and types of HDDs provided by Pelco over the years, this question came up.


Given the wide number of variables in both installation and operating conditions, it is not possible for Schneider Electric to endorse specifically all potential drive combinations. For this reason, our recommendation is that drives be Pelco Qualified and consistent within an NVR array or NSM.

It is advised that drives of different brands are not mixed within one array.

However, if required by specific circumstances, drive mixes can be considered subject to the following conditions;

  • Every drive is / was a Pelco Qualified drive for the system it is being used in (Drives must be the exact variant described within the qualification)\
  • All drives have the same rotational speed
  • Introduced, replacement drives used in an array are more recently qualified than those they replace

Any such combination of these drives in a specific Pelco system will be guaranteed to meet the performance specifications of the system initially shipped.