Support for Siqura Cameras on the UDI5000-CAM


Pelco does not officially support Siqura cameras. In the Web interface for the UDI5000-CAM, the Siqura brand is not listed.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


UDI5000-CAM, version 1.3


Pelco has not tested any Siqura cameras for compatibility with the UDI5000-CAM.


Some customers have reported being able to get Siqura cameras to work with the UDI5000-CAM by using the generic Optelecom driver listed in the UDI5000-CAM's Web interface. (See the figure below.) Siqura is a brand of Optelecom.

At times, however, the following error message will appear on the screen when attempting to add the camera as a generic Optelecom: "The channel configuration is incorrect or the camera is offline." If such an error is shown, lower the frame dimensions of the camera to 640 by 480 or lower. Once the camera has been added successfully, you may be able to raise the camera's resolution above 640 by 480.