DS ControlPoint configured to Beep On Alarm makes no sound when an alarm is received.


DS ControlPoint makes no sound when a new alarm is received in the Alarm popup page.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint
  • DS NVs


The Microsoft Windows Sounds - Program Events: "Exclamation" was set to Sounds=None.


  1. Make sure computer speakers are connected to the sound card output (usually green in color) on the system running DS ControlPoint.
  2. Open DS ControlPoint and navigate to Setup > Alarm Popup
  3. Enable the Alarm Popup feature and select the "Show" option for the desired alarm (Example: Show zone alarms.)
  4. When the Alarms page or tab pops up, click the music note icon 
  5. The Beep Configuration tab will load at the bottom of the Alarms page.
    To enabled select Status to On.  Also make sure that "Beep On Alarm Types" options are enabled that match the alarm popup type.

  6. When finished with configuration click Apply
  7. In Microsoft Windows, navigate to Start Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound
  8. In the Sound configuration window click on the Sounds tab.
  9. In the Program Events: window, scroll down and locate "Exclamation".  Verify there is a speaker icon next to Exclamation which means a sound is assigned.
  10. If no sound is assigned, click the drop down under Sounds: and select "Windows Exclamation.wav", then click the Test button to verify the speakers are working.

  11. Trigger alarms and verify DS ControlPoint is now providing a sound when new alarms are received.


Note: If using Sarix Analytics to trigger alarms, a Zone is required to be created in DS Admin for each Sarix analytic camera.  DS ControlPoint then needs to be configured to popup on alarm using "Show zone alarms", at Step 5 above select "Zone".