Syncing a SM5200 to a Spectracom NTP server


Incorrect time on SM5200 due to time drift.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • SM5200 All Versions
  • Spectracom NetClock 9289 Version 3.6.1


Over time the SM5200 internal clock can slow down or speed up resulting in incorrect time on all Endura devices.


1. Enter the IP address of the Spectracom server into the available web browser and press enter.

1a. Click the "Enter Configuration" button.

2. Login with admin/admin123

3. Once logged in select "NTP" from the bottom option list and then select "General" from the list on the left and make sure the "NTP Service" option is Enabled.

4. After making sure NTP is enabled select "Status and Logs" from the options at the bottom of the screen and then select "GPS Signal Status" from the list of options on the left

You should see similar information as above, the Tracking Satellite number must be equal to or larger than the Minimum Satellite number before the NTP server will fully sync. As you can see the Minimum number of Satellites is 4 and the NTP server is currently tracking 7.

Note: It can take between 20-40 minutes for the Spectracom NetClock to fully sync to the GPS satellites. Once synced, the sync light on the front of the unit will be solid green 

4a. If for some reason only a low number of satellites can be tracked in your location you can change the minimum number of satellites by selecting "System" from the bottom option list and then selecting "Set System Mode".  Use the drop down box to set the number of satellites

5.Once synced you can check the status of the server by selecting "NTP" from the bottom options list and then "Status" from the list on the left.

6. Once the NTP server is synced enter the SM5200 Web UI using the admin credentials for access.  

6a. Select the "System" tab from the option list at the top

  • From here select the option "Sync time and date with an external time server" and enter the IP address of the Spectracom NTP server in the "Time Server Address" box and click save.
  • The SM5200 will reboot and connect to the Spectracom NTP server.


7. Once the SM5200 is back up we can verify that it's synced with the Spectracom NTP server.

7a. SSH into the SM5200 and type in ntpq -np and press enter

Once the command is entered you should see a similar screen as above. Once the SM5200 in synced you will see and asterisk to the left of the Spectracom NTP server IP address. If you don't see an asterisk wait a few minutes and run the command again.

The asterisk indicates that the SM5200 is synced with the external NTP server and time should be GPS accurate.

8. To check time on the Spectracom NetClock 9289 you can use putty to SSH into the device using the same admin/admin123 as the Web UI

8a. Type time and press enter to view the current GPS time/date