Spectra IV and Spectra II Compatibility.


Is the Spectra II compatible with the Spectra IV?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra II - DD5xx, BB5xx

Spectra IV - DD4xx, BB4xx


I had to send in my Spectra IV dome drive for repair and have a spare Spectra II dome drive for use inside the Spectra IV back box.

I have a Spectra II back box on site and have to purchase a new dome drive.

I had to send my Spectra II dome drive in for repair and have a spare Spectra IV dome drive.


The Spectra II Dome Drives (DD5xx) will NOT work in a Spectra IV Back Box (BB4xx) and, vice versa, the Spectra IV Dome Drives (DD4xx) will NOT work in a Spectra II Back Box (BB5xx). The Spectra II and Spectra IV parts are not interchangeable in any way.