Sarix cameras have dual serial numbers.


Why does my Sarix camera show me two serial numbers?

After looking at the Sarix camera's IP address interface, and the box label, I get reference to two serial numbers; which one is correct?

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Pelco Cameras


Sarix cameras in general - any and all models (IE, IEE, ID, IDE, IL, IM [IM-E and IM-V], IX, IXE, Sarix LowLight).


I noticed in the IP address interface of my Sarix camera, there is one serial number, that also registers in DS ControlPoint and Device Utility, that differs from the boxed label serial number. Which one is valid and is this camera broke/not sku'd right/an isolated event?


The Sarix cameras will have two serial numbers. There is a hardware, or, physical serial number (which is usually the serial number that shows in the IP address interface, Device Utility, and other software interfaces), and then there is the serial number that is created after the Sarix model camera has been sku'd and loaded with the firmware at the factory.

Each of the two serial numbers are correct and valid and the camera is NOT problematic. However, usually the serial number that shows up in the software and/or Device Utility is the basic, hardware, serial number and will not always register for the Technician trying to assist while on the phone, or via email.