NET5402T Series encoder fails to power on via PoE


NET5402T will not power on or fails after a random amount of time.

 Sub issue:

  • Connect failed message in workstation software
  • Offline devices in Endura Utilities
  • Cameras offline in workstation software

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • NET5402T Encoder: All Versions
  • POE20U560G


The NET5402T is designed to be used with PoE+ (802.3at) which has a higher power rating than standard PoE (802.3af).


As stated in the Product spec sheet the NET5402T can be powered by either a PoE+ injector or a 12VDC or 24 VAC external power supply.


Option 1:

  • If PoE must be used with the NET5402T, then the attached switch needs to support PoE+ or a third party PoE+ injector must be used.

             Note: Pelco does not manufacture a PoE+ injector.

Option 2:

  • If PoE is not a priority then the external NET5400PS power supply can be used to power the unit.
    View the following image for the "Optional Accessory." Select a model number to specify your power
    supply and regional power cord.
    - Example: NET5400PS-US includes US power cord.


Option 3:

  • If multiple NET5400T series encoders are being used it is recommended to us the RK5200PS-5U rack mountable power supply. This unit gives the ability to power up to 12 NET5400T encoders.