Esprit ES30C/ES31C-2N Dual IR Illuminator System with IR229 Series Illuminators


What is the process to order Esprit with IR Illuminators?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES30C-2N / ES31C-2N (24VAC) Models
  • IR229-Series


Process for purchase of Esprit and IR combination.


To request the Esprit ES30C/ES31-2N with Pre-Installed Brackets to support two Iluminar IR229 Series Illuminators:

From Pelco:

  • Select 24VAC Esprit Model.
  • At time of Esprit order: Request SMR1-1DYGZU
  • Installation Guide view.

SMR1-1DYGZU: Is designed to integrate up to two iluminar IR229-Series Infrared illuminators that follow the positioning and full 360 rotation of the Esprit Series camera. SMR is to add Dual IR Bracket to Esprit.

  • Click Here for Bracket Explosion. (IR lamps illustrated as reference only and are not supplied by Pelco)
  • Click Here for view of SMR specification sheet.


From IIuminar Inc:

  • Request IR229 Series. Click Here to view Specification Sheet to IR229 Series and additional information.