How do I setup outbound email notifications using a Sarix Based camera?


Sarix based cameras support local network SMTP servers for email notifications. There is no support for outbound SMTP servers. Outbound Servers require a special server setup known as a relay server.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • All Legacy Sarix based firmware cameras - all models and versions.
  • IM, IE, ID, IX Series


Installation and Programming


Prerequisites and Limitations:

  • Must know the DNS of the SMTP server.
  • Must be a local network mail server and emails will be sent local.
  • Emails can send thru the local server to an outside account including GMAIL.
  • Cannot send to internet (public) IMAIL, POP, or SMTP servers outside the network.
  • Can have a max of 20 total Event Handlers, if all email events you have a total of 40 (20 in the "To" line, 20 in the "From" line)

The work around is to setup a local email account and forward those mails to the outside, or setup an email relay server/ service. A relay is a service that allows you to send email. It is usually a full fledged mail server, or can be a specialized SMTP Service.

Example of a relay service

Email notification Setup:

The SMTP Server field is the DNS name of a LOCAL mail Server on the NETWORK – DO NOT use an outside email server.

How to find the email server for your network.

Login to the camera thru a web browser. Click on Settings -> System or General TAB -> Enter the SMTP, and a NTP server.


Set up the Source or trigger.  The Source must be setup before a Handler is created.  See example below.


Setup the Handler or action to Send Email to a local account from a local account. Also, you can send emails thru the local server to GMAIL etc. See examples below.


Select and configure an analytic behavior feature.  See example below using Camera Sabotage.

* NOTE: Set Sensitivity Level to 10 (highest) for setup testing purposes. Once notification is verified, configure the sensitivity level per scene requirement.