How do you change the camera resolution in the Motion Record menu on a DX4700?


The resolution field is grayed out in the Motion Record menu. 

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4700 (non HD model)


The resolution setting in Motion Record, Alarms Record, ATM/POS Record cannot be changed directly on a DX4700 (non HD model)


Change camera resolution for Motion Record cameras using Normal Record options.

  1. Select the Setup icon from the main page. 
  2. Select Schedule from the left side column.
  3. Select Schedule from 2nd column.
  4. Select Day and change Camera to motion.
  5. Select Normal Record and change resolution as needed.
  6. Select Motion Record and confirm Resolution has applied.
  7. Exit Setup menu.

Note: Normal Record's resolution options are changed in groups of four.