Cannot open history in a G3 station, get error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: duplicate name history.


Cannot open history in the station, error  as follows:

ERROR [13:02:33 25-Apr-13 PDT][sys.service] Service start failed: History Service
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: duplicate name history
   at javax.baja.nav.BNavContainer.addNavChild(
   at javax.baja.naming.BHost.addNavChild(
   at javax.baja.history.BHistoryService.initDataRecoverySource(


Product Line

TAC I/A Series


I/A Series G3 station


Duplicate name of history.


Using Workbench:

  1. Connect to the station and go to the property sheet view of the root config of the station.
  2. Hit ctrl + L, which opens the current ord dialog
  3. Paste in the below text to the end of the current ord.
    |bql:select slotPath,name from history:HistoryService
  4. It should display a table and show the slot path of each of the history service components.
  5. Locate and delete the extra service.