How to change the RAID configuration on an NSM5200


TW_CLI indicates that the RAID level is something other than 6.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura NSM52000- All versions


RAID configuration was set incorrectly.


Note: All data on the drives will be lost.

  1. Attach a monitor and keyboard directly to the NSM.
  2. Reboot the machine and upon bootup enter Alt +3 to enter the 3Ware Bios.
  3. Use the arrow keys and/or the Tab key to highlight the current configuration in the Exportable Units list and hit the Enter key to select it. (An asterisk will appear next to the configuration signifying that it has been selected.)

  4. Tab down to the Delete Unit button and hit Enter. Confirm unit deletion, if necessary.
  5. All of the drives will now appear separately, use the arrow keys to highlight the Enclosure. Hit the Enter key. All of the drives should now have asterisk next to them.

  6. Tab down to the Create Unit button and hit Enter.
  7. This will bring up the Create menu. Ensure that all 12 drives appear in the list.
  8. Tab down to the Raid Configuration option and hit the Enter key.

  9. Select RAID 6 and hit Enter.
  10. Arrow to Advanced and hit Enter.
  11. Tab down to Initialization Method and hit Enter.
  12. Select Background and hit Enter.
  13. Arrow to OK and hit Enter.
  14. Arrow to OK and hit Enter.
  15. Hit the F8 key for Done.
  16. Hit the letter Y to save and exit.

  17. The new configuration will now load and the unit will reboot.
  18. Verify in TW_CLI that the RAID level has indeed changed.


  19. Initializing can take anywhere from 6-16 hours depending on the size of the array.
  20. After the initialization has finished ensure that cameras are recording and video can be played back.