How to setup a Site Visit for an Expert Service Technician to assist with Video or Network Installation, deployment, and consultation. This product offer also includes Extended Product Warranties.


Customer needs assistance with setting up a new system including network deployment and system consultation, or is requesting an extended product warranty.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • Expert Services
  • Expert Service Request Form
  • Extended Warranties


Onsite assistance for network, video, or site assessment is needed or extended product warranty is needed.


Put the Power of Our Expertise Service to Work For You

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to access the Expert Services form and to view more information on Pelco Expert Services including Audit, Deploy, Consultancy, and Network Services as well as Field Training Services, or Extended Product Warranties.  Please fill out the contact information as well as details regarding the choice of Expert Service utilizing the Statement of Work required.  Please contact your local manufacturers sales representative for more information as there is a formal process initiated to fulfill your requirements.  Click Here for view of Sales and Manufacturer's Representative in your area. If the below error displays click continue to website.