Installing the CM9760-CDU-T to a 3rd party DVR


Cannot get PTZ from 3rd party DVR to CM9760-CDU-T.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • CM9760-CDU-T
  • 3rd party DVR (Support of RS422 Pelco P or D Protocol)
  • CAT5 cable or any cable that meets or exceeds the RS422 requirements.


  • Wiring of 3rd Party DVR RS422 port to COM IN of CM9760-CDU-T
  • No PTZ control


For wiring of 3rd Party DVR to CM9760-CDU-T

  1. Connect the DVR's TX+ from the DVR to RX+ (pin 8, furthest left pin) on the IN port of the CM9760-CDU-T. 
  2. Connect the DVR's TX-  from the DVR to RX-  (pin 7, next to pin 8) on the IN of the CM9760-CDU-T.
  3. Click Here for view of the CM9760-CDU-T rear panel.



  • 3rd party system must support RS422 Pelco P or D protocol.
  • An RS232 to RS422 or a RS485 to RS422 converter may be required for your DVR should it not output RS422. View LL#13287 for Pelco Part.