It is not possible to see the property Value for a Xenta time schedule


Right clicking on a Xenta time schedule in the tree view and choose View-Watch pane-Select property, it doesn't exist

It is not possible to see the property "Value" for a Xenta time schedule

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SmartStruxure Solution


Building Operation Workstation


It is not possible to select the Schedule object from the tree view and display its value.  Performing this will result in the 'default' property being display which is the description property.  This is a known issue which will not be corrected.


Although you can not directly select the Schedule object itself and display its value in the Watch window, it is possible to see and add the value to the watch window as follows:

  1. From the respective Xenta Controller select the Application folder
  2. From the Variables tab expand the application folder
  3. Locate the Public Signal showing the Schedule name which you wish to display.  
  4. Right-click on this signal and select View > Watch pane
  5. The value of the schedule will now be displayed in the Watch window.

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